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Models Offered
Stroke Models
Parkinson’s Models
Alzheimer’s Models
Spinal Cord Injury
Mouse Phenotyping

Mouse Phenotyping

Appearance and reflexes
  1. Pain perception
  2. Von Frey Hairs
  3. Tail flick
  4. Formalin test
Tests of balance and coordination
  1. The Balance test
  2. Rotarod
Tests of cognition
  1. Morris water task
  2. Fear conditioning
  3. Place preference
  4. Recognition memory
  5. Prepulse inhibition
Tests of activity
  1. Open Field Activity
  2. Circadian Activity
  3. Tests of motor skill
  4. Grid Walk
  5. Reaching task
Tests of anxiety
  1. Fear Potentiated Startle

Species typical behaviour

  1. Social conflict
  2. Sexual behaviour
  3. Nest Building

Mouse Phenotyping Brochure

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